About 3 weeks ago

01/05/2021 - CEOs Urge Congress To Certify Biden’s Electoral College Win

– The Wall Street Journal
Nearly 200 chief executives call on legislators to uphold ‘essential tenets of our democracy’ by enabling transition of power to president-elect.
– The New York Times
A former Momofuku employee’s account of a rage-fueled workplace is an all-too-familiar story. But it raises questions about how we treat restaurant staffs in the COVID era.
– National Review
Biden’s plan to bring American taxes ‘in line with’ developed peers would in fact make U.S. corporate taxes the highest in the G7.
– Orlando Business Journal
While 95 percent of employees said their company has COVID safety protocols in place at work, about 1 in 4 noted they haven’t received training related to those protocols, according to Stericycle’s Workplace Safety Survey.