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05/16/2018 - As Nafta Deadline Nears, Four Scenarios That Could Unfold

As Nafta Deadline Nears, Four Scenarios That Could Unfold

– The Wall Street Journal

The deadline for a NAFTA deal is drawing near and it’s anybody’s guess what a final agreement may look like.

As Philly’s Soda Tax Is Challenged, Do ‘Sin Taxes’ Really Work?

– The Philadelphia Inquirer

Many US cities – Philadelphia, Berkley, Boulder, and Chicago – and countries – Mexico and the United Kingdom – have implemented soda taxes. These levies always produce controversies. Now that some time has passed since these laws were enacted, we can test some of the critiques originally posed by opponents.

Amazon And Starbucks Blast Seattle Tax To Fight Homelessness


To incentivize hiring, policymakers often try to lighten the per employee tax and regulatory burden – Seattle just took the opposite approach.
Big Data Breaches Shine Spotlight On Laws Impacting Employee Data Protection

– The National Law Review

States are moving to address data security. The new patchwork of laws that are emerging may present challenges for some for employers.