About 5 years ago

06/27/2018 - A 28-Year-Old Democratic Socialist Just Ousted A Powerful, 10-Term Congressman In New York

In the biggest political upset of the year, the Bernie Sander’s wing just notched another victory over the party establishment.
 The New York Times
With the Supreme Court striking down laws that require government workers to pay union fees, one thing is clear: Most public-sector unions in more than 20 states with such laws are going to get smaller and poorer in the coming years.
– The Atlantic
For years, pundits have fixated on what the influx of Millennial voters will mean for American democracy. As that cohort ages into maturity and becomes the nation’s largest voting bloc, the next generation of voters will become important to watch. That could be especially true in November’s midterm elections.
– The Wall Street Journal
Just a few short years after the federal government eliminated Amazon’s most formidable competition in book sales, Washington is now helping the tech giant prevent upstarts from challenging its position in electronic commerce.