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04/02/2019 - Equal Pay Day 2019: Women Still Earn Lower Salaries, Fewer Promotions

From USA TODAY: “Companies have begun adopting salary transparency policies. There are laws in several states that are banning employers from asking potential hires about past earnings. And some states require that employers collect wage gap data in an effort to even the playing field. Still, women continue to face workplace hardships such as fewer promotions, less support and implicit bias. They experience pregnancy discrimination, exclusion from the so-called ‘boy’s club’ and sexual harassment.”
 ABC News
A number of states are looking for revenue and with few options on the table, sugar taxes look may have never looked sweeter.
– The Atlantic
The beverage industry does seem to see the writing on the wall. Over the past decade, a tide of artisanal alcohol businesses met the swelling millennial market for booze-based socializing, including innumerable microbreweries and distilleries, as well as high-end cocktail bars and wine shops targeting younger clientele. Now, 2018 Nielsen data shows that sales growth across alcohol categories is slowing. Bon Appetit estimates that the market for low- or no-alcohol beverages could grow by almost a third in just the next three years.
– Bloomberg
Illinois Gov. Pritzker, whose net worth is estimated at $3.3 billion, is joining Democrats in at least half a dozen states that are calling for higher taxes on the wealthy, seizing on an idea that’s been thrust into the party’s contest for the 2020 presidential nomination as candidates tap into public anger over an economy that’s delivered big gains to the highest earners while others struggle to keep up.