About 3 years ago

11/08/2019 - For 53 Million Americans in Low-Wage Jobs, A Difficult Road Out

According to a new Brookings Institution report, millions of Americans in low-wage jobs are likely to stay there. Workers who make $10 to $15 an hour have a 52% chance of remaining in that wage bracket when they switch jobs.
– The Washington Post
Drivers for Instacart, Postmates and other platforms say they’re being wrung out in ways that result in lower pay and less transparency.
– MarketWatch
A labor and employment law professor at the University of Buffalo lays out her recent research on New York City’s minimum wage increase.
Former McDonald’s CEO Stephen Easterbrook $42 million severance package draws attention to the widening gap between the pay at the top and the bottom of the corporate ladder, according to a NPR journalist.