About 4 years ago

06/06/2019 - From Amazon To Walmart, 2020 Candidates Take On Big Corporations By Name


Bernie Sanders is making a proposal on behalf of Walmart workers to the company’s shareholders, another example of a tactic gaining steam this cycle: calling out big businesses on the campaign trail.
– Bloomberg
Amazon.com Inc. has unveiled a revolutionary new drone – part helicopter and part science-fiction aircraft – that the company expects to use for test deliveries of toothpaste and other household goods starting within months.
JPMorgan Chase is trying to require its credit card customers to go into private arbitration to settle disputes – even if they involve an older account – by reintroducing provisions it dropped a decade ago.

D.C. Employers Pay Nearly $500,000 Under ‘Ban The Box’ Law Since 2014
– The Washington Post

The District government has filed more than 1,100 administrative charges against employers who continue to ask about criminal histories on job applications despite a 2014 law that banned the practice.