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02/18/2021 - Amazon’s Great Labor Awakening

Amazon’s Great Labor Awakening

The New York Times
COVID-19 has cemented the e-commerce giant’s hold on the economy – but it has also spurred employees all around the country to organize.

The Fight For Fifteen At An Orlando McDonald’s

The New Yorker
As one of the world’s largest employers, McDonald’s has been a key target; changing practices there would set new standards not only for the fast-food industry but low-wage work as a whole.

Democrats Face Intraparty Fight On Minimum Wage

The Wall Street Journal
Progressives want $15 an hour by 2025, but procedural questions and centrists’ doubts could force changes to piece of the COVID-aid proposal.

The New York Times
Not long ago, the question was rarely asked. Now, politicians and economists of various stripes are willing to consider it.