About 2 years ago

06/29/2021 - America’s Workers Are Exhausted And Burned Out — And Some Employers Are Taking Notice

– The Washington Post
Employers across the country, from Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo and Verizon to boutique advertising firms and nonprofit organizations, are continuing pandemic benefits such as increased paid time off and child- or elder-care benefits as well as embracing flexible work schedules and remote work in recognition that a returning workforce is at high risk of burnout.
– The New York Times
Economists are grappling with how much to blame bias or a changing economy for the widening wage gap over the last 40 years.
Among CEOs surveyed, 3 in 4 expect the federal government to increase their firm’s tax burden this year.
– Bloomberg
Nearly 27% of the U.S. Congress is female, up from 4% in 1971, and women hold 30.6% of statewide elected offices, compared to 7% in 1987, CAWP data show.