About 3 weeks ago

05/26/2021 - Analysis: Blue Collar Director Vote Gives US Labor Another Crack At Amazon

– Reuters
Labor advocates are looking to the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, hoping for a chance to get a worker on the board of directors of the world’s largest online retailer.
The insistence by countries including France on the need for an arrangement that can capture tax from digital businesses such as Amazon is perhaps the most controversial issue in the talks.
The study — which found that the employment rate for parents of young children actually declined at a lower rate than for those without kids — adds fuel to an intense national debate about what is behind a suspected worker shortage and what policy changes are needed to accelerate Americans’ return to work as the pandemic subsides.
– The New York Times
Unexpected receipts, driven in part by taxes on high earners riding a hot stock market, have prompted Republicans to push the president to spend on infrastructure instead.