About 3 years ago

04/09/2020 - Another Challenge For Small Businesses: Higher Card Fees Could Be On The Way

-The Wall Street Journal
Visa and Mastercard could raise some swipe fees, which would likely put a new strain on small retailers, grocers and others already reeling from the coronavirus.
– The New York Times
Shoppers, moved by nostalgia and hunting for longer shelf lives, are returning to old standbys like Chef Boyardee and Campbell’s soup.
– The Hill
If layoffs continue, as economists are forecasting, between 12 million and 35 million Americans could lose their employer-sponsored insurance. That figure includes workers and their family members, according to an estimate from Health Management Associates.
– The Wall Street Journal
Hospitals, grocery stores and other essential services are enlisting robots in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, accelerating an already fast-growing market for workplace automation, industry analysts say.