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02/22/2018 - Behind The Minimum Wage Fight, A Sweeping Failure To Enforce The Law

Behind The Minimum Wage Fight, A Sweeping Failure To Enforce The Law

– Politico

Following nearly a year of investigative reporting, Politico release a comprehensive analysis of enforcement related to “wage theft.” The findings indicate that federal and state enforcement and wage recovery mechanisms are woefully inadequate.

The Economy Is Getting Hotter. Is A Productivity Boom Next?

– The New York Times

Two of the most important facts about the global economy over the last decade are these: A giant financial crisis led to mass unemployment in many countries and years of disappointing growth. And despite a seeming barrage of technological innovation, productivity growth has been the weakest in decades. Maybe it’s not a coincidence.

Sexual Harassment Training Expanding – But Effectiveness Questioned

– The San Diego Union-Tribune

Requests for sexual harassment awareness training are skyrocketing in response to recent scandals in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the White House. Experts say training is a good start but changing corporate culture is a necessity in reducing harassment.

More Companies Invest In Training To Prevent Sexual Harassment – But It Might Not Be Doing Much Good

– Los Angeles Times

The recent high-profile reports of sexual harassment in the workplace have prompted a surge in training courses, which experts are updating to reflect the latest examples making front-page news.