About 2 years ago

05/11/2021 - Biden Defends Unemployment Benefits, Provided Workers Accept Job Offers

– The New York Times
President Biden ordered the Labor Department on Monday to ensure that unemployed Americans cannot draw enhanced federal jobless benefits if they turn down a suitable job offer, even as he rejected claims by Republicans that his weekly unemployment bonus is undermining efforts to get millions of Americans back to work.
– The Washington Post
The company joins the ranks of many others offering incentives and higher pay to lure workers back into the workforce after the pandemic year, including Costco, Target and Walmart, among others.
– The Wall Street Journal
Most individuals would get $600, and families an additional $500, as the state enjoys a record budget surplus.
– The Wall Street Journal
It’s easy to find a gig as a lifeguard. Demand is high for work in child care and food service, too. But teens and young adults are finding more competition for paid internships.