About 2 years ago

02/03/2021 - Biden Wants A $15 Minimum Wage. Here’s What People Say It Would Do To The Economy.

– The Wall Street Journal
Economists are divided on the effects of the $15 minimum wage. Some have looked at the patchwork of state and local increases and found little job loss relative to nearby areas with lower minimums. But others say jobs losses tied to a $15 minimum wage could be more severe, especially in states with a relatively low cost of living.
– The Hill
Unlike the minimum wage, the earned income tax credit targets families who need it rather than young adults still living at home.
– Los Angeles Times
Despite heated opposition and vows of resistance from some restaurant owners and elected officials, there is increasing evidence that California’s latest stay-at-home order, including a ban on outdoor dining, worked to turn around a deadly surge of the coronavirus.
– The Brookings Institution
The new ordinances are targeted at some large companies with the greatest ability to pay, while sparing small businesses and other employers that are struggling financially during the pandemic.