About 2 years ago

07/12/2021 - Biden’s Bid To Take On Big Business Sets Off Battle Over Who Holds Power In U.S. Economy

– The Washington Post
The order outlines 72 initiatives to rein in the corporate powerhouses that control markets, which the White House links to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers.
– Reuters
A sustained four-year labor squeeze in the retail industry – combined with independent movements to push minimum wages in U.S. states to $15 an hour – is providing unions more power to bargain longer, and to give workers more regular hours and better pay, said Kenneth Dau-Schmidt, professor of labor and employment law at Indiana University Bloomington.
– The Washington Post
Workers are thinking about what they want from a post-pandemic job — and the answer for many seems to be something very different than what they had before.
– Bloomberg
Republican chaos and Democratic hostility are making it harder for executives to choose sides.