About 3 years ago

04/13/2020 - Big Business Pledged Gentler Capitalism. It’s Not Happening In Pandemic.

-The New York Times
CEOs, via the Business Roundtable, pledged to factor in their impact in local communities. The pandemic is putting that commitment to the test.
– The Wall Street Journal
A by-the-numbers look at the outbreak’s economic toll in terms of guidance withdrawn, dividends cut, buybacks scrapped and workers furloughed.
– The Washington Post
The country’s food industry is quickly recalibrating to get people the goods they need, blurring the networks and supply chains that have stocked supermarkets and restaurant kitchens for decades.
– The Wall Street Journal
Farmers and food companies across the country are throttling back production as the virus creates chaos in the agricultural supply chain, erasing sales to restaurants, hotels and cafeterias despite grocery stores rushing to restock shelves.