About 4 years ago

02/15/2019 - Brewing Starbucks Protest Could Hit Coffee Giant In Blue America

– Bloomberg
Bloomberg overlays Clinton-won counties on a national map of Starbucks locations to get a sense of how a Democrat backlash to Schultz presidency may impact the brand. Bloomberg shows, what everyone knows, there could be a pretty high level of exposure.
 The Skift Table
Papa John’s International Inc. is offering its employees full tuition to Purdue University online classes – part of the beleaguered chain’s efforts to shift the narrative away from the missteps of its founder.
– The Washington Post
Women earn enough on their own to qualify for 1 percent status in just one of every 22 top-earning households, new research shows. The gap hasn’t narrowed for at least 20 years.
Chef Patrick Mulvaney is working with Kaiser Permanente, WellSpace Health, and the Steinberg Institute to roll out resources for struggling bartenders, servers and chefs.