About 2 years ago

09/15/2020 - Businesses Reject Trump Payroll Tax Plan While Postponing Their Own Tax Bills

Tens of thousands have taken advantage of provisions allowing employers to punt their payroll tax bills into next year and beyond.
– The New York Times
As businesses try to recover from the pandemic’s economic blow while ensuring the safety of workers and customers, many have complained of two obstacles: access to coronavirus testing for their employees and long delays in receiving results.
– The Wall Street Journal
An old saying in politics is that people vote with their pocketbooks, so a strong economy normally helps an incumbent and a weak one hurts. In the 2020 election cycle, however, that convention has lost much of its power, making the economy’s role in the election uncertain.
– The Wall Street Journal
While companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash have fought AB-5 in court, the law has ensnared other freelance workers.