About 3 years ago

05/08/2020 - Businesses Struggle To Lure Workers Away From Unemployment

-The Wall Street Journal
Some workers are making more from unemployment than from their old jobs, complicating reopening.
– The Washington Post
Optimism is high among workers that they can return to their pre-pandemic jobs, but economists warn over 40 percent of job losses could become permanent.
– The New York Times
Nearly half of Americans have heard very little or nothing about the new leave benefit, and just 13 percent said they had heard a lot, according to one of the surveys, by Morning Consult for The New York Times. Just 28 percent of leaders of businesses covered by the new law said they were taking advantage of tax credits available for reimbursement of employees’ paid leave, according to another survey.
– The New York Times
The Home of the Whopper, Verizon and Amazon are among the relative few that haven’t been afraid to run ads near coverage of the coronavirus.