About 3 years ago

03/02/2020 - California Narrative Casts A Pall Over East Coast Efforts To Elevate Gig Economy Workers

The torrent of bad headlines and unintended consequences – freelance writers struggling to make ends meet, working moms whose carefully calibrated balancing acts have been thrown off-kilter – has been doing much of the lobbyists’ heavy lifting so far in scaring lawmakers away.
– The New York Times
A sick day? Remote work? Not so easy if your job is at a restaurant, a day care center or a construction site, according to an article in The New York Times.
– The Washington Post
The pension dispute at Safeway is in many ways a microcosm of the broader retail industry, where automation, outsourcing and thinning profit margins have weakened the hand of organized labor.
– The Wall Street Journal
Lyft has placed $2 million in a campaign account taking aim at Tyler Diep, an Orange County assemblyman who was the sole Republican to vote for the law, known as AB5, according to campaign-finance records.