About 3 years ago

11/21/2019 - What Can A Retail Worker Do About Endless Consecutive Workdays And Split Shifts?

-The Washington Post
The coordinated left of center issue management team is coalescing around mandated scheduling.
– The Wall Street Journal
Business leaders often incorporate lessons learned in past positions at other companies. Amazon’s management culture is especially well-defined and hammered endlessly into its executives, say those who have worked there.
– The Wall Street Journal
Grubhub CEO says rivals aren’t paying enough in sales taxes, but differing state laws and business models complicate the analysis.
– Harvard Business Review
From the Harvard Business Review:  “One-third of American workers are in jobs for which the median wage is below $15/hr (or $31,200 a year at 40 hours a week). More than half of retail and food service workers get less than a week’s notice of their schedule. Yet our extensive experience with top executives has shown us that many genuinely believe they are doing everything they can for their frontline workers and therefore don’t have a bad jobs problem.”