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08/22/2018 - Capitalism Needs A Welfare State To Survive

– The Economist
In the mythologies of both left and right, the welfare state is a work of socialism. Yet the intellectual tradition it owes most to is liberalism. Any welfare reform entails trade-offs between the cost of a scheme and its effects on poverty and incentives to work. Reform, however, also requires taking on two challenges; aging and immigration.
 The Wall Street Journal
From the Wall Street Journal editorial board: “Rubio wants to use retirement benefits for family leave. Uh oh.”
If you’re wearing a fleece and place a piece of double-sided tape in the room, it will collect microfibers. Microplastics are everywhere and in some cases pollutants attach to these fibers. Scientists are now studying – does it matter. Are these microplastics harmful to humans and/or the environment.
– Entrepreneur
Delivery platforms are basically the advent of e-commerce in one of the last bastions of local business.