Fortune 500 Company: Creating An ”Outsourced Public Affairs Program” For An Emerging Brand

The Challenge:

The daily focus of the executive team of this midsize Fortune 500 company is operations, as the brand grows from one with a regional footprint to a company with a full-fledged international operation.

In each new market the brand enters, the political culture and community expectations differ. In each state and at the federal level, there are myriad challenges and opportunities. Yet, creating a full-fledged local, state and national external engagement operation from scratch is a costly and highly complicated prospect for an emerging brand.

The company needed a partner that could offer unique insight and guidance about how best to navigate the challenges and opportunities they confront with policy makers and regulators; along with a team who could also help the company look beyond day-to-day operational challenges and assist in “aligning” its government relations and marketing assets in a coordinated external engagement program. And, they needed it in a “turn key” solution.

The ALIGN Solution:

Align structured a cost-effective, outsourced public affairs program that provides expert strategic counsel to the company’s in-house government affairs executive and marketing team as well as its general counsel.  Acutely aware of the brand’s business model, customer considerations and market position, Align’s support includes regular communication with the company’s team members outlining and developing engagement programs for issues that pose a threat to their business model, as well as those that present opportunities for the brand to serve as a solution to pressing community needs.  

Additional core program components include daily action alerts, a weekly newsletter that is distributed company-wide, and in-depth memorandums on an as-needed basis for key executives.  Align also lays out major political trend lines to the company’s Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.  

In each state and at the federal level, there are myriad challenges and opportunities.

Beyond the specifics assets that make up this robust outsourced external affairs program, ALIGN’s partnership ensures that the brand’s executives can focus on operations, knowing that Align is making sure that their public facing platforms are supporting the company’s mission statement and corporate values.