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04/02/2021 - CEOs Can’t Stay On Society’s Sidelines Anymore

CEOs Can’t Stay On Society’s Sidelines Anymore


They are no longer closely aligned with the Republican Party and face increasing pressure to wield their considerable influence on issues such as voting rights, income equality and climate change.

Pro-Union Measures Temper Left’s Discontent With Infrastructure Plan

– The Wall Street JournalPresident Biden has added the Protecting the Right to Organize Act to his infrastructure proposal.

Pandemic-Paused Plastic Bag Bans Ripped Anew By Critics

– Stateline

The movement to eliminate plastic bags had been advancing in the past few years, with states from New York to California banning them. But the pandemic gave fuel to critics and the plastic industry, who cited supply problems and fears of germ transmission early in the crisis, and who now argue that bag bans burden struggling businesses.

California Lawmaker Says National Privacy Law Is A Priority

 The Wall Street Journal

National privacy legislation is a priority in Congress this year, said Rep. Jerry McNerney, a California Democrat and member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which helps oversee privacy policy.