About 2 years ago

12/17/2020 - Coke’s Elusive Goal: Boosting Its Black Employees

– The Wall Street Journal
Two decades after it settled a historic racial discrimination lawsuit, Coca-Cola’s diversity efforts have lost ground. Its struggles offer lessons to companies trying to institute long-lasting change.
– The New York Times
Rather than citywide shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, stricter density caps paired with other measures could curb the coronavirus while allowing the economy to limp along.
– The Wall Street Journal
At a time of deepening national divisions and political tribalism, many Americans have decided to rely less on Washington to deal with problems and have turned for answers to local institutions, state governments, business leaders, their own communities and one another.
– Stateline
Leaders in at least nine states, including Rhode Island, are expanding grants for weeks- and months-long training in fields such as health care and information technology; paying employers to provide on-the-job training; and in some cases, paying for trainees’ textbooks and transportation.