About 4 years ago

07/03/2019 - When It Comes To High-Profile Collisions In Restaurants, New Rules Apply

– The Washington Post
The co-owner of the Red Hen that made headlines last year for asking Sarah Sanders to leave the restaurant pens a piece in The Washington Post about the industry being put on center stage for breaking the ‘hospitality code.’
– The New York Times
The economic and social trends that have long kept Hispanic and black women from making job and wage gains appear to be shifting.
– The Washington Post
While automated technology such as “self-service ordering” kiosks have become commonplace in chains such as McDonald’s, Shake Shack and Subway, restaurants like Soysal’s are going a step further by adding interactive machines that take on roles normally filled by people.
– The Wall Street Journal
The retailer is using virtual reality headsets to gauge workers’ potential and skill level, help determine promotions and pay cuts.