About 3 years ago

06/25/2020 - Companies Agonize Over Reopening Timetables As COVID-19 Spreads

-The Wall Street Journal
Businesses from factories and offices to salons and bars, once hopeful about a smooth reopening this summer, are now grappling with whether to close, stay open or find some in-between as the number of cases of COVID-19 increases in dozens of states.
– The New York Times
The drop in the headline unemployment number could be offering false hope.
– The New York Times
Some states and counties are delaying and even reversing reopenings as virus cases mount in the South and West. Experts say more opening and closing could go on for months.
A lack of safe and affordable child care amid the coronavirus pandemic is keeping many working parents from returning to the office as more companies call employees back to their jobs – threatening to extend the economic crisis and erode decades of gains for women in the workplace.