About 3 years ago

05/01/2020 - Companies Are Suspending Dividends At Fastest Pace In Years

-The Wall Street Journal
More companies have suspended or canceled their dividends so far this year than in the previous 10 years combined, with companies scrambling to preserve cash as the coronavirus pandemic saps revenue.
– The New York Times
Systems that were devised to treat each case as potentially fraudulent are now rushing to deal with millions of newly unemployed people.
– The Wall Street Journal
Jeffrey Lawrence has had to set aside the traditional CFO-in-a-downturn wisdom of tamping down wages and other costs during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the Domino’s Pizza finance chief is focusing on activities more befitting boom times, such as providing bonuses and investing in technology.
– The Wall Street Journal
From The Wall Street Journal editorial board: “Bashing business for following the PPP rules won’t help the recovery.”