About 3 years ago

04/24/2020 - How The Coronavirus Might Reduce Income Inequality

-The Wall Street Journal
The Black Death and other pandemics pushed wages higher, but the impact will likely be different this time, economists say
– The New York Times
Economic reporters at The New York Times reflect on the previous gains made by companies in recent years and the lack of wage growth, benefits for workers. They argue this disparity is preventing a majority of American workers from meeting basic needs.
– The Wall Street Journal
Managing the health of workers and shoppers, reassuring local officials, and keeping stores and warehouses staffed have become a massive effort inside Walmart at a time when customers are relying more than ever on the nation’s largest retailer.
– The Washington Post
The president of LAWCHA pens an op-ed in The Washington Post makes the cases for unions in the absence of policy measures, calling for protections for front-line workers, including health and safety provisions in the workplace.