About 2 years ago

08/23/2021 - Delta Upends U.S. Labor Chief’s Plans For Swift Jobs Comeback

– Bloomberg
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said the Delta variant could upend his expectation that July payrolls—with the most positions added in nearly a year—would be a prelude to future months. He now says he’s concerned about the resurgence of cases dragging on the workforce and economic growth.
– The Wall Street Journal
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says disclosures could touch on metrics including turnover, skills and development training, compensation, benefits, workforce demographics including diversity, and health and safety.
– The New York Times
The federal agency accused the company of discriminating against the employee, who worked in a Home Depot store in Minneapolis, for wearing the slogan and for talking to other employees and managers at the store about racial harassment there.
– The New York Times
A California law that ensures many gig workers are considered independent contractors, while affording them some limited benefits, is unconstitutional and unenforceable, a California Superior Court judge ruled Friday evening. The decision is not likely to immediately affect the new law and is certain to face appeals from Uber and other so-called gig economy companies.