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01/07/2021 - What Could Democratic Control Of Senate Mean For Wages, Child Care, Unions Under Biden?

With Democrats now poised to control both the executive and legislative branches of government, President-Elect Joe Biden may be able to pass policies that will reshape the workplace, raising the minimum wage, encouraging diversity, and restoring protections eliminated by his predecessor, Donald Trump.
– The Washington Post
Manufacturing group suggests Pence, cabinet consider Trump’s removal.
– The Washington Post
With Democrats poised to take control of Congress, the prospects for President-elect Joe Biden to pursue more aggressive policies to tackle climate change and other major environmental problems have expanded overnight.
– Los Angeles Times
Grocery and retail drugstore employees who work in unincorporated Los Angeles County could see a pay bump of $5 an hour if the county Board of Supervisors approves a “hero pay” ordinance later this month.