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01/18/2018 - You Don’t Have To Grow Government To Expand Paid Family Leave

You Don’t Have To Grow Government To Expand Paid Family Leave

– Washington Examiner

From the Washington Examiner: There’s a new, innovative idea to expand paid family leave in the U.S. It’s budget-neutral, gender-neutral, and completely voluntary. It requires no new taxes and depends strongly on the principle of personal responsibility. It works within the framework of other existing programs and laws. The idea is Social Security parental benefits.

Paying Tipped Workers Better Wouldn’t Lead To Fewer Restaurant Jobs

– The Washington Post

A newly released report, co-authored by the Restaurant Opportunities Center, suggests that eliminating the tipped wage will have no impact on restaurant employment.

Vulture Capitalists Are Killing Off Retail Jobs

– Axios

Private equity buyouts account for 61% of the jobs lost and planned for elimination in the 2016 and 2017 retail apocalypse, according to a new study.

Economists Think The U.S. Economy Is At Or Near Full Employment

– The Wall Street Journal

Full employment is finally here, or at least not far away. That’s according to the vast majority of economists surveyed this month by The Wall Street Journal. Asked if the U.S. economy has reached full employment, 42% said yes and an additional 48% said no, but that it’s close.