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02/02/2018 - An Early Look At The CEO-Worker Pay Ratio

An Early Look At The CEO-Worker Pay Ratio

-The Wall Street Journal

America’s biggest companies are about to tell the world for the first time how compensation for their chief executives compares with what they pay their rank-and-file workers.

The Alleged Conspiracy To Fix The Price Of Chicken Meat, Explained

– The Washington Post

The two largest food distributors in the United States declared war Tuesday on Big Chicken, alleging in two separate lawsuits that poultry producers have conspired to drive up chicken prices across the country.

Activist Investors’ Demands Rejected More In 2017: Data

– Reuters

For three consecutive years, corporations had become ever more willing to see the activists’ point of view and reach a settlement. That stopped in 2017 when companies surrounded themselves with more advisers who often urged them to fight on, according to managers, lawyers and industry analysts.

Tech Giants Go To Med School: Apple And Amazon’s Moves In Health Signal A Coming Transformation

– The Economist

The past decade has seen the smartphone become a portal for managing daily life. Consumers use their pocket computers to bank, buy and befriend. Now this array of activities is expanding into an even more vital sphere. The world’s biggest tech firms see a rich opportunity in health care, which could mean empowered patients, better diagnosis of disease and sharply lower costs.