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03/05/2018 - Economists Stick With Optimistic U.S. Outlook Despite Market Turmoil

Economists Stick With Optimistic U.S. Outlook Despite Market Turmoil

– The Wall Street Journal

Forecasters see the U.S. economy gathering steam this year and the Federal Reserve raising short-term interest rates three or perhaps four times by the end of 2018.

Unions Are Confronted With An Existential Threat: The Supreme Court Is Poised To Strike A Decisive Blow

– The Economist

Mark Janus could be making history this year. The court’s ruling in the case could determine the future of the labour movement. Though unionism has been in decline for decades, the public sector has remained a stronghold of organised labour. Eighty-four percent of workers today are employed in the private sector; only around 6% are union members, compared with about one-third in the 1960s. Yet of the 16% of employees in the public sector more than one-third are still unionised.

New York City May Require Businesses To Conduct Sexual Harassment Training

– The New York Times

All businesses in New York City that employ at least 15 people may soon be required to conduct training to prevent sexual harassment, a proposal that is part of a raft of legislation being considered next week by the City Council to address workplace conduct.

Forget Raises, Companies Are Turning To $1,200 Cribs To Woo Talent

– Bloomberg

As millennials start having children, employers competing for the best talent from the labor market’s most-coveted cohort have upped their family-friendly benefits to attract, retain and appease them, triggering a niche-benefits arms race. By now, these sought-after workers have come to expect months of paid parental leave. Employers that really want to distinguish themselves have to offer more.