About 5 years ago

06/08/2018 - Economists Think The Next U.S. Recession Could Begin in 2020

– The Wall Street Journal
Majority of forecasters surveyed by WSJ predict the current expansion will end only after setting a record for longevity.
 The Washington Post
About 40,000 people annually hope to become operators and about 100 to 115 make it through. To compare, of Harvard’s 42,749 applicants for the school’s incoming freshman class, it admitted 1,962.
– The New York Times
The more intriguing question, then, is not whether these deals make sense, but why politicians and voters are so keen on them.
– The New York Times
That debate has played out largely in the absence of solid data. But on Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its first in-depth look at nontraditional work since 2005, and came to a startling conclusion: The old-fashioned job remains king.