About 3 years ago

04/17/2020 - It’s The End Of The World Economy As We Know It

-The New York Times
Experts suggest there will be “a rethink of how much any country wants to be reliant on any other country.”
– The Washington Post
Employees told regulators about failures to follow social distancing, lack of protective gear and other issues at scores of U.S. employers.
– San Francisco Chronicle
An op-ed from Sen. Mark Warner (D-CA) advocates for a portable benefits system, “that allows Americans of all walks of life to pay into a package of benefits that can follow them from job to job or gig to gig.”
– Forbes
The concept of a new learning ecosystem is a constructive mental model that empowers us to tear down the multiple, fragmented silos of K-12 education, postsecondary education, and workforce training, which have left too many adults faltering, unable to access the relevant information, funding, advising, support, and skills training they need to make progress in their lives.