About 4 years ago

08/01/2019 - From Environmental Leader To ‘Worst Company In The World’

– The New York Times
The fierce reaction shows how corporations that fall short of ambitious environmental commitments can be received. And it demonstrates the speed with which a company can go from environmental leader to scourge in the eyes of some advocates.
Next time you hear “Cleanup on aisle 5,” it could be a robot making that observation. AT&T is working on 5G autonomous robots for retail stores that would identify any out-of-stock, mispriced or misplaced products in a store, as well as finding store hazards.
– The New York Times
Companies in France’s “Plastics Valley” have slowed production because they cannot find enough workers with computer and digital know-how.
– Forbes
Forrester, an advisory firm, shares in Forbes highlights from their new report that helps business leaders navigate companies and careers through the future of work.