About 2 years ago

09/22/2020 - Finance Chiefs Prioritize Employee Retention As Coronavirus Pandemic Drags On

– The Wall Street Journal
Keeping staff has become a key focus for companies as they navigate the current economic downturn. Finance chiefs at these businesses are safeguarding employee retention programs from broader cost-cutting efforts for fear top-ranking employees might leave.
– The New York Times
The pandemic and the movement for racial justice have tested corporate pledges to elevate social concerns alongside shareholder interests. A new study finds companies are failing to follow through.
– UVA: Center for Politics
The latest Crystal Ball Electoral College ratings show how the presidential election could result in a 269-269 deadlock, with neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump possessing a majority of 270 electoral votes.
– The New York Times
A number of women working in retail say they are being forced to choose between keeping their jobs and making sure their children can keep up with remote learning.