About 5 years ago

08/16/2018 - Firms That Bossed Agriculture For A Century Face A New Threat: Farmers

– The Wall Street Journal
Running expanded, consolidated operations, farms are pushing Cargill and ADM for better prices and are sometimes competing with them directly
 The New York Times
Although neither the Social Security proposal nor a payroll tax can reduce the cost of parental leave for workers, both approaches can make leave affordable for workers who would otherwise have to take unpaid leave to care for a new child.
– The New York Times
Across the country, Democrats will rely on their energized base and a loose message centered on a core promise of lowering health care costs and building a case that Republicans are using the government for their own advancement, which candidates are adapting as they see fit.
– The Washington Post
Except for a little hiccup in October, average hourly earnings in the United States have increased month after month while President Trump has been in office.