About 4 years ago

01/29/2019 - A First In Over A Century: Only One State Has A Split Legislature

– The New York Times
Even in an era of single-party dominance in state legislatures, it is a stunning notion: It is the first time in more than a century that only one state has split control of its legislative chambers, and is one more indication of the depth of the nation’s bifurcated political sensibilities.
Operators have banded together to address growing concerns.

Three Changes The Gig Economy Might See This Year

– Forbes
Gig economy jobs are starting to look more like traditional employment in many ways. Forbes explores a few interesting trendlines.
– Axios
Look out, Airbnb! Recharge, a San Francisco startup that made headlines a few years ago for offering hotel stays by the minute (for a nap, shower or phone call, the company says), is expanding to offer the same service in people’s homes.