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07/29/2019 - The First Labor Plans Of The 2020 Race Just Dropped. Here’s What To Make Of Them.

– In These Times
Two Democratic presidential candidates have released the labor “planks” in their presidential “platform.” And, they include a variety of issues important to entry-level employers, including the joint-employer issue and restrictive scheduling. This will likely set a marker for the rest of the field.
– The New York Times
The marriage has made clear the difficulties of selling fresh food inexpensively, either in a physical store or through delivery. But the combination has also shown glimmers of success, particularly in delivery. And that has provided some fuel to Amazon executives pushing to add another food-selling option – one built from the ground up.
– The Washington Post
The Washington Post’s editorial board takes on the issue of income inequality.
– Portland Mercury
By executing a well-planned and muscular strategy, Little Big Burger’s Oregon locations will remain union-free.