About 5 years ago

08/09/2018 - Fish Caught In America, Processed By China, Gets Trapped By Trade Dispute

– The Wall Street Journal
The next round of U.S. tariffs aimed at Chinese imports could wind up hurting a major product that initially comes from America: fish.
 The Washington Post
According to a report released this week by the survey researcher Morning Consult, when brands or CEOs speak about Trump, whether in a positive or negative light, it’s far more likely to create backlash on one side than goodwill on the other.
– Forbes
This pattern of preference for the same gender can, at least in part, be explained by a psychological phenomenon known as “similar-to-me” bias. “You tend to hire and have people on your team who are similar to you,” says Namely chief client officer Debra Squyres.
– The Century Foundation
In a book released online today, labor leader David Rolf calls the decline of unions in recent decades, “an invitation to reimagine a labor movement that is even stronger, bolder, and more inclusive.”