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01/11/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/11/2016

In Politics, Most Americans Feel They’re on the Losing Side

– Pew Research Center

In a new survey examining the public’s attitude’s towards government, more Americans today feel like their side is losing more often than winning in politics.


NFL Cheerleaders Win Ruling in Fight for Better Wages


From Uber drivers to IT providers to the Buffalo Bills halftime show, independent contractors are pushing for employee workplace protections and rights. The “Buffalo Jills” are the latest in a growing number of NFL cheerleading squads suing to be reclassified as employees.


Three Theories Of Donald Trump’s Rise

– Five Thirty Eight

A data-driven look at the rise of The Donald, how we got here, what it says about our evolving electorate — and how realistic it is that we see him on the presidential ballot this November.