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01/14/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/14/2016

The Republican Party’s 50 State Solution

– New York Times

“The Koch Brothers understand the importance of controlling state legislatures. George Soros doesn’t.” The piece discusses how conservatives have found a way to dominate the national narrative, one state at a time.


Some chains getting ahead of minimum wage hikes

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Many employers are wondering… If labor costs are increasing anyway, why not increase them now, get the hike over with, and improve retention in the process?
Election Year Maneuvers and Their Impact on Retailers

– Chain Store Age

More than ever, restaurants and retailers have been thrust into the political landscape, with labor issues at the top of candidates’ agendas. How might this dynamic play out in the year ahead?
What will work look like in 20 years?

– Linked In

A vision of what work will look like two decades from now, and how current policy challenges such as minimum wage, income inequality, job creation, millennial turnover, and workers rights might shape that future.
Is this the supermarket of the future?

– The Telegraph 

A look at one Russian inventor’s idea for how retailers might improve customer service, maximize convenience, increase product choice and cut wait times – all while lowering costs.