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01/15/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/15/2016

U.S. Chamber Chief Warns of “Politically Stupid” Voices in White House Race

– The Wall Street Journal 

Tom Donahue’s comments reflect the growing frustration within the employer community that the leading voices in the Republican party are more concerned withdemagoguing divisive social issues instead of focusing on the economy and job creation.


Profits, Not Politics, Will Dictate The Path Of U.S. Wages

– Forbes

Forbes looks at the business case for raising wages and suggests the coming year will bring wage increases for some of the country’s largest employers, regardless of if they are legally required to do so.


Chipotle to Shut Down Stores for Food Safety Meeting

– The Hill 

Chipotle demonstrates the reputational and financial impacts that food safety issues can have on a brand.