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01/19/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/19/2016

The Centre Cannot Hold: Two moderate members of Congress explain why they are leaving

– The Economist

Two moderate Congressmen (a Democrat and a Republican) retire and express despair over the current state of divisiveness and partisanship. A look at why they are leaving and the potential ripple effects this could eventually create in the areas of both politics and business.


Male CEOs Get Bonuses; Female CEOs Get Blame

– Five Thirty Eight

Three economists looked at a decade’s worth of data that shows when companies do well, male executives reap the rewards at a far greater rate than their female counterparts. But when business turns bad, it’s women who suffer the greatest financial consequences. FiveThirtyEight looks at the implications of this dynamic.


GE Study Finds Big Corporations Seek “Safe Innovation”

– Fortune

CEOs across many industries are struggling with the delicate dance of keeping up with the pace of change and innovation while meeting expectations of current customers.


Amazon Veers Into Labor Law Fight Zone for Hurried Deliveries

– Bloomberg News

Amazon is running into the same legal hurdles as Uber when it comes to the classification of independent contractors or “on-demand” workers. A look at how this legal battle is playing out, and why other companies should pay attention as the market for “on demand” services across nearly all service-sector industries grows at a rapid pace.