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01/20/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/20/2016

Why Crude Oil Prices Keep Falling and Falling, in One Simple Chart


An “easy-to-understand” explainer on the state of oil prices, including an educated guess at where prices are headed and what that means for various industries.
Candidate Confessional – Stories Of Those Who Ran For Office… And Lost:The losers usually have the best tales to tell

– Huffington Post

Some of the most famous, not-so-famous and even infamous candidates in modern political history talk with surprising openness about what went wrong, and why, in a fascinating series that looks at the state of American politics through the eyes of “losers.”


Millennials’ Views of News Media, Religious Organizations Grow More Negative

– Pew Research Center

Pew takes look at the evolving views of millennials (i.e. – your current and future customers and employees) toward a number of major American institutions including large corporations, small businesses, banks, the media and religious organizations. This demographic is down on churches and the media, but their views on corporations have actually improved.


What If?

– The New York Times

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman laments that despite the seismic (and likely long term) global economic challenges our country faces, the current crop of presidential candidates have not only refused offer solutions… they haven’t even acknowledged there are problems.