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01/21/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/21/2016

Opioid Abuse Takes A Toll On Workers And Their Employers


The majority of worker’s compensation claims involve pain medications, including opioids. That’s resulted in a sharp increase in employees returning to work struggling with addiction. NPR examines what experts are calling a serious, mounting threat to both employers and America’s workforce.


Republicans’ White Working-Class Trap: A Growing Reliance


The same demographic that fueled the “Republican Revolution” of the last quarter century, may ultimately be what’s undoing today’s GOP.


Self-Driving Cars May Get Here Before We’re Ready

– The New York Times

With the technology behind driverless cars advancing faster than anyone thought, the NY Times looks at what government and businesses need to do right now to prepare for (and ultimately benefit from) a future with autonomous vehicles.


Why Uber Wants To Be In The Food Game

– Forbes

Forbes looks at a possible future where Uber’s competition is not Lyft or your local Yellow Cab service, but every supermarket and restaurant on the planet.