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01/22/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/22/2016

The Great Brain Robbery: Economic Espionage Sponsored by the Chinese Government is Costing U.S. Corporations Hundreds of Billions of Dollars and More Than Two Million Jobs

– CBS News

A look at how China is employing an army of spies, not to steal military technology, but the trade secrets and intellectual property of American companies of all sizes and industries. And, why every CEO in the United States should be paying attention.


Full Employment Is A Workers’ Best Friend, Not The Minimum Wage

– Forbes

This forbes opinion piece looks at the two major headlines generated by Walmart this week (the company’s announcement that it was closing nearly 300 stores – and that it was voluntarily raising its wages again) and examines the reasons behind those developments.


America’s Best Days May Be Behind It

– The New York Times

Has America’s technological progress slowed for good? The NY Times explores the idea that we aren’t actually living in an era of rapid and unprecedented change, but rather one of slow decline and limited options for prosperity.


Technology Could Kill 5 Million Jobs By 2020


New research shows that over the next half-decade five million jobs (specifically white collar and administrative positions) will likely disappear due to technology advancements. CNN looks at recommendations from some of the world’s top businesses minds about where investments could be made to transform America’s workforce in order to keep up with the pace of change.


Employers Should Watch These New Hiring Trends

– Inc.

With the overall talent pool shrinking (and specifically the entry-level workforce on the decline), Inc. looks at how smart employers will pivot their hiring strategies to adjust to this shifting landscape.