About 7 years ago

01/04/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/4/2016

A venture capitalist’s case for raising the minimum wage

– National Journal

A profile of the billionaire who’s behind a growing number of local minimum wage increases via his brand of “philanthropic¬†activism.”


Why are 20 something’s retiring?

– Bloomberg News

A new Bureau of Labor Statistics report has raised questions that show changes over the past decade in why people are choosing to stay out of the work force. Finding these answers to this is key for the Federal Reserve as it maps the contours of a job market that’s becoming harder to predict with the aging of the baby boomers and shifting priorities.


NRN predicts digital disruptions coming in 2016

– Nation’s Restaurant News

NRN declares “Restaurant companies will become tech companies” in 2016 with its ongoing look at how technology is transforming the industry. Food for thought… beyond the operational side of things, that tech transformation also has the power to dramatically change how restaurant, retail and hospitality companies advocate for their brand to their own customer base.


How Medium is breaking Washington’s op-ed habit

– Politico

Heard of Medium yet? Politico looks at how this hot, new communications platform from the folks at Twitter is courting the political class. It would probably wise for hourly employers to examine how they might leverage Medium as part of their “new media” strategy.