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01/06/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/6/2016

Wall Street, Techdom and the Hard Truth About Parental Leave

– Bloomberg News

In 2015, the percentage of large corporations offering paid leave jumped to 21 percent from 12 percent the previous year. That jump was fueled in large part by technology and sharing economy companies. But, with a number of states looking at expanding paid leave regulations in the year ahead, this could impact major employers in all sectors, especially entry-level employers.


Study: Most Moonlight to Make Ends Meet

– US News

A look at trends over the past 20 years for people who work second jobs and predictions for the future of moonlighting.


The 2015 Job Market: Continuing Recovery, Ongoing Problems

– Brookings

The Brookings Institute looks at the labor market performance for 2015 – what the numbers tell us about the past year, as well as longer-term trends.


How Trump-Style Politics Turned California Into a Blue State

– The Wall Street Journal

In the aftermath of 2012, Republican leaders initially sought to change their tone on immigration in an attempt to win back Hispanic/Latino voters. Those efforts stalled and ended after the midterm Republican wave of 2014. Will Trump-style rhetoric set back the Republican Party on the national stage for a generation?